Robert Hines, MS
Adjunct Professor of History

Adjunct Professor of History Robert Hines has more than 20 years of teaching experience.  In addition to 20 years of work at Palo Alto College, he has taught history at the University of the Incarnate Word, Our Lady of the Lake University, and the University of Texas at San Antonio.  He completed his Master of Science Degree at Illinois State University in 1985, whereupon he journeyed overseas to Papua New Guinea to teach English and History for two years under the auspices of the United States Peace Corps.

Hines is a tenured Instructor of history at Palo Alto College, where he teaches both halves of U.S. History, World Civilization, Western Civilization, and East Asian Civilization.  With his colleagues Peter Myers and Rex Field, he is co-editor of "Flyover History," a two volume collection of readings and documents in American History.  He is married to the former Kimberly Augustus and they are the parents of two sons, Adam and Liam.
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