Ministry and the Arts
All members of the Our Lady of the Lake University community, by virtue of their baptism, are called to the ministry of gathering on Sunday to participate fully, actively and consciously in the Church’s prayer. From this gathering, ministers are called forth to give service and leadership to those who gather to worship in Christ’s name.

In the fourth chapter of Revelation, John chronicles a vision in which "there before me was a door standing open in heaven." His vision is of a portal between heaven and earth. The spiritual world, normally hidden from human vision, now appears. John's vision proclaims that worship neither begins nor ends with us. The worship of God goes on all around us at every moment, upheld by the heavenly choirs. And praise of the Creator runs through all of Creation; it’s very being gives perpetual witness to the One who conceived and created it. Worship is not a matter of beginning praise to our God, nor is it to always create something new, nor to celebrate or express a particular theme or season. Our worship is as simple as, while at the same time, profound as joining our prayers with all those who have gone before us and all those who are to come in the communion of saints.

We strive to be witness to the continual praise of our God. Our liturgies should honor the past, but at the same time challenge us to change. It strives to be constant in comfort and reassurance as it moves us in new directions and pushes us to new places, sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes confronting.

What is your passion?
  • Dancing
  • Making Music
  • Sacred Movement
  • Singing
  • Design Arts
  • Drama
Sacred Movement and Dance
Our rich tradition continues to be enhanced with Liturgical Dance and through Sacred Movement. From its inception in the early church, movement became a ministry of Sacred Dance which speaks to the human condition. We strive to create a consortium of dance artists, students, and people like you and me, with each person contributing to the creation of the dances and program design. Its emerging mission is to invoke and express through liturgical dance the vision of hope in a community of believers steeped in spirituality, and in need of healing. As a community of faith we are called not to limit our identity to present realities, but to expand to include our highest potential. To dance is to live and breathe! -An African saying.

Ministers of the Word share their dramatic gifts to proclaim the Gospel and express their spirituality, as well as their faith, through the presentation of dramatic readings, mime and other dramatic venues.  The Glory of God is a human being fully alive. -Saint Irenaeus. 

Design Arts
Sacred Art helps us to pray, as it shapes our faith and spirituality. Art offers a rich experience which transcends both time and place, but speaks of culture while pointing to larger truths. Pope John Paul II wrote that "Art has a unique capacity to take one or other facet of the message and translate it into colors, shapes, and sounds which mourish the intuition of those who look or listen."  We pray best before beauty.  -Saint Francis deSales.

Art and Environment
These ministers use their artistic skills to prepare the space for seasonal liturgical celebrations, Prayer Services and retreats, incorporating visual arts and other art forms. Every child has known God, not the God of names, nor the God of don’ts, nor the God who never does anything weird, but the God who knows only four words and keeps repeating them, saying:  Come dance with me. Come Dance!  -Sufi poem by Hafiz.

These ministers provide music to lead worship for liturgical celebrations such as Sunday Mass, Baccalaureate and Graduate Masses, Spirit Day Mass, Wholeness and Healing and Penance Services, Candlelight, Prayer Services and Student Retreats.  Those who sing, pray twice.  -Saint Augustine. 

Chapel Choir: Join us every on Sunday evenings at 6pm.  We sing at the 7pm UNIVERSITY Liturgy on Sundays.  If you play and instrument and would like to share your musical gifts with our community, stop by University Ministry and find out how.

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