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Our office will be open on the following Saturdays, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.:

The 3rd Tuesday of each month is reserved for training (12 noon to 5:00 p.m.), except during peak times.
To ensure we are open, please call 210-431-3959.           

    Phone:  210-434-6711  ext. 2316
    Toll free:  800-436-OLLU (6558)

:  210-436-2314

Betty Galvan, Registrar
Reviews undergraduate files for graduation
Processes Undergraduate Academic Discipline
Letter of Completion for Undergraduates

Melissa Delgado, Associate Registrar  
Manages & Coordinates Registration activities
Evaluation of Degree Requirements for Doctoral & Masters Students
Creates University Academic Calendar 
Create & Maintain Degree Audits & Degree Programs for Doctoral & Master level 
Academic Discipline for Doctoral & Master Students
Letter of Completion for Master & Doctoral Students

Maritza Salinas, Assistant Registrar
Coordinates Graduation Activities 
Assists in Undergraduate Degree Evaluation 
Classroom scheduler
Manages Evaluation of Transfer Credit Equivalency 

TBA, Transcript and Records Coordinator
Manages transcript department
Assist in the Production of course schedules 
Evaluation of Degree requirements for Doctoral & Master Students 
Letter of Completion for Master & Doctoral Students

Regina Romero, Student Records Analyst
Coordinates all Grading Activities 
Attendance Status & Tracking
Evaluation of Transfer Credit Equivalency (last names M-Z) 
Processes CLEP, Dantes, and change of major/minor forms for undergraduate students

Martha Sanchez, Course Records Coordinator I 
Manages Course Database 
Produces Course Schedules
Assist in processing transcript requests during peak times 

Connie Vargas, Student Records Analyst
Evaluation of Transfer Credit Equivalency (last names A-L)
Processes Letter of Standing requests 
Coordinates Enrollment & Degree Verifications
Processes Archived Transcript Requests
Processes name changes

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