The Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME) at Our Lady of the Lake University knows how to prepare and retain highly qualified math and science teachers.

The CSME Mission is to revitalize science and math learning - pre-kindergarten through college - by inspiring and supporting teachers while reshaping teaching.


  • Since 1996, approximately 500 science and math teachers have increased their qualifications and earned master’s degrees - or are currently enrolled - almost entirely tuition free.

  • 96 percent of teachers participating in CSME’s NSF-funded Teacher’s as Mentors Program remained in science teaching after six years. Nationally and locally more than 50 percent leave teaching within their first five years.
Valuable network for educators
CSME is also an active network of urban and rural science and math teachers who support one another, guide new teachers, and devote time and creativity to these CSME Goals:
  1. To Increase Teacher Content Expertise and Competence to effectively teach science and math – through tuition-free Graduate Coursework leading to Master’s degrees and ultimately increasing the number of high quality teachers who enter and remain in the profession.
  2. To Develop Teacher’s Leadership and Mentoring skills and abilities – mentoring new teachers, training future leaders, and guiding implementation of effective curriculum and instruction.
  3. To Offer Professional Development that addresses the most critical needs of students, teachers, and districts and encourages dialog among colleagues to enhance instruction and improve student achievement.


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