Biography of Sister Maria Eva Flores

Sister Maria Eva Flores was born in Fort Stockton, Texas. She is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence, received a Bachelor of Arts in Library Science from Our Lady of the Lake University; a Master of Arts in Bicultural Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio, a Masters of Library and Information Science (Archives) from University of Texas at Austin, and a doctorate in history from Arizona State University with emphasis in the History of Colonial Latin America, U.S. Women and Public History. Sister Flores has served OLLU since 1979.

Sister Flores specializes in Mexican American history in the United States, Mexican American Women and Spanish Borderlands. Her expertise also includes archival enterprise and research methods. Sabbatical leave provided her with an opportunity to research Spanish missions in Spain, Brazil, and Mexico.

In addition to Co-founding the Center for Women in Church and Society, she is currently serving as Director of the Center for Mexican American Studies and Research.

Career Highlights: 

1979-1982:  Program Coordinator for the Institute for Intercultural Studies and Research
1982-1989: Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Center for Women in Church and Society 
1990: Sabbatical in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Archival Research and four month seminar in Mexico City with CEHILA (Comision para el Estudio de la Historia de la Iglesia en America Latina) 
1991-1996: University Archivist, Head of Special Collections, OLLU Library 
2001-present: Director, Center for Mexican American Studies and Research and Professor of History and Mexican American Studies

A Quick Interview with Sister Flores:

1. What brought you to the Lake?
I had been working in a small unincorporated community just inside the Bexar County line and taking courses at UTSA; when I completed the MA in bicultural studies, OLLU needed a part time instructor for a history course. I started teaching an evening course once a week and over several years began teaching several courses and working as Program Coordinator for the Institute of International Studies and Research.

2. Any words of encouragement for students?
Study/work! It is your heritage of work that has made this country! Take your role as a student seriously.

3. What do you enjoy most about your profession?
I like being in a room with other people and discovering! Discovering “new” facts about history, discovering new and varied perspectives on the “facts” and I love hearing from students what they have discovered about their own families when they engage in oral history interviews. The most gratifying experience is to have students talk about their research –their discoveries, especially when they are convinced that they already know enough about Texas history or the Civil War. I really like to sit around and talk with faculty colleagues about their experiences in the classroom; even in our griping we discover and learn! I enjoy the “new” teaching tools –technology in all its exciting and maddening dimensions! 

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