Journal focuses on reflections on May 6 fire

Carriers of the Mission
Publication Party, 12/08/08

Contributors, supporters gather during party

Vice President for Mission and Ministry Gloria Urrabazo (left) and Associate Professor of English Yvette Benavides

Cecilia Martinez Ávila, shown with her brother, wrote, "Homeless Teenagers Remind Us of What's Important." She is in OLLU's Leadership Studies PhD program.

This year's Carriers of the Mission publication was filled with reflections pertaining to the May 6 fire that devastated Main Building. Edited by Associate Professor of English Yvette Benavides and sponsored by La Llamada, Carriers of the Mission includes stories about how the Lake family survived one of the most difficult challenges OLLU has ever faced, and how the community has united to rebuild the historic Main Building. 

In the dedication page, Vice President for Mission and Ministry Gloria Urrabazo writes: "Our lives here at the Lake changed on May 6, 2008. We have taken up the challenge to restore and renew our university." 

Enjoy the entries below from OLLU staff, faculty, students, alumni, members of the Sisters of the Divine Providence; and author David Rice:

2008 Carriers of the Mission: Maintaining Faith


A Note from the Editor
The Fire, by Alicia Aguilar 
The Fire and Its Aftermath by Howard Benoist 
Do Real Deans Cry? by Robert Bisking
My Angel by Andrea M. Boothe
Arriving Fifteen Minutes Into the Fire by Tedi Butolph
Daisy Main by Mary Francine Danis
When Your Time Is Called Will You Answer? by Ashlon Filsinger
St. Martin Hall by Pat Garcia
OLLU Fire by Valencia Grimes
Our Provident Moment by Sister Dianne Heinrich
La Gente de un Lugar by Maribel Lárraga
Homeless Teenagers Remind Us of What's Important by Cecilia Martínez Ávila

Faith by Pablo Miguel Martínez
Not Finished by Sister Margit Nagy
The Narvaiz Family Reflections by Kristy Narvaiz, Veronica Narvaiz, Ernesto Narvaiz
The Night of the OLLU Fire by Oswald John Nira
The Story of the Inferno and Me by Kristen Popham
Eternal Flame by David Rice
Where There is God by Sara A. Rosales-Guerra
Reflection by John Sanchez
The May 6th OLLU Fire by Bryce Tearney
Harnessed Night by Michael Twomey

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