Adrian Shapiro, PhD.
Professor of Drama (Theatre History)


For those reading my bio, I am a native Texan living in Houston and teach online courses for Our Lady of the Lake University. Back in the early 1970’s when I was an undergraduate at the University of Texas, there was no such thing as online instruction. We didn’t know what we were missing! After I earned a BA in English, I stayed in Austin to complete an MA in the same field, followed by a doctorate in American literature at Indiana University in 1977. My dissertation subject was Carson McCullers, a southern writer whose novels include The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (which was made into a good movie starring Alan Arkin) and Reflections in a Golden Eye (which was made into a bad movie starring Marlon Brando). My secondary field is English language drama.

After graduate school on my way to the classroom as an English professor, I took a detour. I became an art dealer. During the next eight years as the managing partner of a gallery, I met a variety of artists—some famous and some not so famous. One of the not so famous ones (but who is still my favorite 26 years later) wouldn’t allow me to sell her work. She did, however, allow me to marry her. She is now the best art teacher in the city of Houston, seeing 500 students per week at a public elementary school.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. In 1986, when I locked the door of the gallery for the last time, I returned to higher education. Here I remain to this day. In my spare time (ha!), you’ll find me reading mystery novels, cooking outside on the grill and doing as little yard work as possible. I hope to “see” you in class soon!

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