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BA Psychology Student Profile: Angelina Rogers

When my grandmother was my age, she earned a full scholarship to Our Lady of the Lake but didn't end up attending because she got married instead. However, my mother did end up attending OLLU for college, along with a few of my aunts and uncles. My parents even got married in the Sacred Heart Chapel! This school has been in my life since before I was born. 

One of my favorite Shakespearean quotes encompasses a big lesson I learned in my struggles here at OLLU: "There is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow." To me, this quote puts me in mind of all of my failures that, at first were devastating, but later turned out to be blessings in disguise. 

After receiving mediocre results on the GRE, I was preparing to take the year off to raise money and study to retake the GRE, but Dr. Steve Blanchard (Sociology professor) and Dr. Brenda Guerrero (Psychology professor) insisted that I apply to graduate school. They helped me and pushed me to get my applications in. Thanks to this school and its incredible faculty, I will be attending Michigan State University in the Multicultural Lab of their Clinical Psychology PhD program. Not only that, because I was given the opportunity to be a McNair Scholar and because of the commitment to service that has been instilled in me by OLLU, I have received the Academic Achievement Graduate Assistantship at Michigan State – pretty much a full ride and then some. I owe this school and everyone who is a part of it a great debt that I hope to repay someday.

PsyD Student Profile:
 Mónica Escamilla, MS 

PsyD StudentSpanish is my first language and along with many immigrants I struggled with the translation of not just language but of cultural practices. As my life developed in this new country I made efforts to hold on to my Hispanic roots while learning to navigate the majority culture with its unique beliefs, practices, food, celebrations, and idioms of the new language. During my graduate studies I was drawn to Our Lady of the Lake due to its unique focus on addressing the needs of Spanish–speaking populations. I was excited about the opportunity to learn how to address the needs of this population within their worldview and not impose on them the further stress of being misunderstood.
The training I received was essential in my growth as a therapist. While I was aware of my cultural practices and values and spoke the language I had been missing key pieces. I gained a professional vocabulary that allowed me to appropriately communicate theory and assessment terms with other professionals
and clients. Further I learned about choosing appropriate psychological assessment measures, modifying the structure of sessions, paying attention to unique family dynamics, and the incorporation of cuentos, refranes, and dichos in therapy sessions.

I now take great pleasure in sharing what I have learned with the students I supervise at the clinic and when speaking at workshops and seminars. The Spanish-speaking population is quickly growing in the U.S. Understanding the unique challenges they face and learning how to use the distinctive array of coping mechanism and resources they possess can only enrich our work.

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