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  • LITS continues efforts to restore network and computer lab access for students.
  • In addition, we continue to receive donations of computers and AV equipment from our friends in the community and beyond and are working to prepare this technology so that we can get it into the hands of our faculty and staff in greatest need.

  • to help facilitate the movement of technology to those without the basics (phone and/or computer), we’ve set up the following email account: 

  • Please use the to let us know what your immediate technology needs and requirements are, and we will do our best to get available workstations, laptops and AV equipment to you. A Help Desk ticket will be created and efforts to deliver your needed technology as quickly as possible will begin.

  • Please include information related to type of computer needed (workstation or laptop) and any specialized software requirements you may have (beyond the basic Office suite of applications).

  • Please also include your new office location in the email.

  • Media Services is also pulling together a pool of basic AV presentation hardware, including projectors and laptops, which have been prioritized for instructional needs.

  • Please send your audio visual requests to Media Services at:

  • USIT Web and additional contact information (Help Desk, Media Services and TLTC):

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