IT Infrastructure - Guidlines Regarding Office Moves and Phones

One of the advantages of OLLU's IP phone system is that your office phone is programmed with your associated extension and ID information, so if your office moves, the phone and extension #(s) can move with you.   However, there are variations on what may need to happen, since extension numbers are generally assigned to offices or positions rather than to individuals:

Case 1:  You move office LOCATIONS but your job position is the same.   The phone may move with you. You keep the same extension number.

Case 2:  Your POSITION changes and your office location changes.  The phone should stay where it's at.  There should be a phone in your new office.  Some re-programming of ID information will be required.  You will inherit the extension number of that position.  A new position may require a new extension number.

Case 3:  Your POSITION changes but your office location stays the same.   The phone should stay with you, but some re-programming of extensions may be required.

IN ALL CASES, we have implemented an Enhanced 911 service that
requires us to maintain up-to-date location information for each phone.
SO, we need to be informed when moves take place, and we can assist in
making phone moves.  In most cases, your PC will be moving with you,
too, so the ITS staff can move your phone, if appropriate, at the same

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