The Student Business Office Perkins Office maintains the portfolio of the University's Federal Perkins Loans. The Federal Perkins Loan is awarded by the Financial Aid Office. The Perkins Office provides the following services for students:
      Pre-loan counseling - Now available online
      Master Promissory Note processing
      Student/Borrower Queries 
      Exit Counseling - Now available online
      Payment Collections
The student/borrower should contact the Perkins Office at (210) 434-6711 x 2661 if:

  • you plan to leave the University either through graduation, transferring, withdrawal or dropping below half-time, to arrange an exit interview, 
  • you have a change in name, address and/or phone number,
  • you will be applying for any entitlements (deferment, cancellation, etc.) detailed on the promissory note, or
if you are not able to make your scheduled payment.
ACS is the University's third-party billing servicer. ACS sends out monthly notices of the payment due on the loan. The student/borrower can check the status of their loan and make payments at or 1-800-826-4470

Perkins Loan Entrance Counseling
Before monies are disbursed for your Federal Perkins Loan, regulations require that you complete an entrance counseling session. The counseling session helps guide you in managing your student loan.

Perkins Loan Exit Counseling
Before you withdraw, graduate, or drop below half-time attendance (regardless if you plan to transfer to another school), regulations require that you complete an exit counseling session.

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