Students must obtain Final Confirmation of Registration (from Student Business Office) in order to complete the registration process. To do so, students must submit the forms listed below. Once your paperwork and invoice are reviewed by the Student Business Office, you will either receive an email of Final Confirmation or an email indicating the action you should take. The invoice discrepancies could be a Prior Balance and/or Financial Aid hours do not match Registered Hours (Mismatched Hours). Another discrepancy may be that if you are using financial aid in combination with an employer benefit, the benefit may not be reported to financial aid. Call the Student Business Office (210-434-6711, ext. 2353 or 2354) to clear outstanding balances. Call Financial Aid for other discrepancies (210-434-6711, ext. 2299).

You must have Final Confirmation of Registration for your name to appear on the class rosters. See Important Dates / Events for deadlines.

Employer Reimbursed Students - Final Confirmation of Registration Procedures:

1. Please have a letter from your company with a signature detailing the amount and fees covered by your company.
2. If you are receiving financial aid, contact the financial aid office to make sure all aid has been posted/awarded to your account.
3. Come visit the Student Business Office to fill out appropriate paperwork, or download the following form and complete:
Employer Reimbursed - Terms of Agreement Form and fax to (210) 431-4082 with a return fax number. We will create a Special Payment Agreement based on the terms stated by your employer and return to you for signature.
4. Students must sign the Estimated Registration Statement/Invoice,Special Payment Agreement (issued at the Student Business Office), and Terms of Agreement. Return to the Student Business Office or faxed (210) 431-4082 along with your Company letter.
5. Students are responsible for paying a deferred fee of $45 and /or any scheduled initial payment for the payment plan upon completing the necessary paperwork.
6. Complete the registration process by making a payment with the cashier by cash, check, or credit card (all cards accepted Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) in person or online. You can do so through MyOLLU via E-Commerce. Call the help desk if you have questions 434-6711 x 2523 or email at
7. Sign your registration statement/invoice, through MyOllu via E-Commerce, Special Payment Agreement and fax the forms to the Student Business Office at (210) 431-4082. All forms should be signed and will be verified before Final Confirmation of Registration is issued. Please fax all forms together and make payment prior to submission.

Upon receipt of documents and verification of deferred payment and/or initial payment, the Student Business Office will send a Final Confirmation of Registration email, if no discrepancies exist (see 1st paragraph above).  If there are some discrepancies, you will receive an email detailing what is lacking for corrective action you will need to take.

Employer Reimbursed - Terms of Agreement Form

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