Create a permanent legacy of support for OLLU

The Sisters of Divine Providence founded OLLU with little more than a commitment to educating young people and a resolute belief in the fact that "Providence provides."

Today, the best way to assist Providence is with a strong Endowment, our financial cornerstone.

Endowment gifts provide a source of perpetual support for the university.  When you establish an Endowment, OLLU invests it for long-term growth and your generosity lifts up OLLU through your lifetime and for generations to come.

It is a protected source of income because we never touch the principal.  We only spend a portion of the interest we earn from your gift.  In this way, the endowment continues to grow, ensuring future stability.

Within OLLU's Endowments are hundreds of named funds that are pooled together for investment purposes, but administered individually according to the purposes defined by the donors.  This is accomplished in perpetuity.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you your ideas for a named Endowment.  They can begin with a gift as small as $25,000.  Endowments can be built over a period of years as well.

For more information, contact John D. Sanchez, Director of Advancement Services and Annual Giving, at 210-434-6711 ext. 2485 or
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