Learn chemistry by doing chemistry


In the Chemistry Department at OLLU (and actually throughout the entire university), you will experience a very different kind of teaching than you have ever experienced before. You will learn chemistry by 'doing' chemistry. What this means is that you will not spend all class period listening to a professor show you that she can work chemistry problems. Instead, you will be out of your seat and on your feet 'doing' chemistry along with your class members.

You will find that class periods go very fast and that you will leave the classroom with the information AND the experience you need to work the problems on your own. How does this work? A typical general chemistry class period would start with any assignments being turned in and the instructor discussing the highlights of the day's assigned reading. After typically 10 or 15 minutes of classroom discussion, you go up to the chalkboard with your other group members (the first day of class you were divided into groups of four.) The instructor presents a problem and everyone works it out on the board.

At times you will be helping your group members and they will also be helping you. The instructor watches everyone's work and provides helpful suggestions. You will find that the class period goes very fast and learning chemistry, while it is a lot of work, can be enjoyable at the same time. We believe when you are at the point where you can explain a problem to your partner, then you DEFINITELY understand the material.

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