The Center for Sociological Practice was established at Our Lady of the Lake University in 1999 to provide faculty and students with an institutional means for doing sociological work in the San Antonio community that would improve the local quality of life. The center is housed in the Department of Sociology, located on the third floor of the Main Building.

The department offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Arts (MA) in sociology with an emphasis in sociological practice. The BA program is one of only two accredited programs in sociological practice in the United States. The pioneering MA program is a leader in the development of the field of sociological practice.

The department's faculty and its students, which together form the center's staff, are committed to using sociology in everyday settings to serve the needs and solve the problems of those who seek its help.

The center also draws on the expertise of the local community through its Community Advisory Board. The board is comprised of leaders from key local private and public sector organizations. Board members meet regularly with the center staff to provide insights on how to improve the operations and services of the center. The Community Advisory Board assists the center, as well as the Department of Sociology, in efforts to stay in touch with community needs, trends and plans for the future.

The goal of the center is to help organizations and communities bring about positive and constructive change. To achieve this goal, the staff of the center employs the tools of sociology. This results bring about an understanding of why an organization or community is operating as it is and what improvements might be made. The center, through its collaborative use of faculty and students, provides for the client a highly cost-effective means for obtaining professional quality sociological research, information and reports for their organization or community.

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