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Awards & Recognition 

Maria Antoinetta Berriozabal Visionary Leadership Award

Maria Antoinetta Berriozabal earned the distinction of serving as the first Mexican American woman on the city council of a major U.S. city when she represented San Antonio’s District 1 from 1988-91. She ran an impressive campaign, capturing 47 percent of the vote. Berriozabal donated to OLLU approximately 90 cubic feet of records that document her 10 years on San Antonio’s City Council, during which council members considered several major developments for the burgeoning city.

In the fall of 1991, Berriozabal was awarded a fellowship at the Institute of Politics at the John f. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She taught a course on women, minorities and public policy. Berriozabal help found Hispanas Unidas, a non-profit group dedicated to the education, empowerment and advancement of minority women. She has dedicated her life as an advocate of educational opportunities for all as well and social and environmental justice.

In 2011, The OLLU Center for Mexican American Studies and Research created the Maria Antoinetta Berriozabal Visionary leadership award. Recipients of this award demonstrate evidence of:

• Providing effective visionary leadership and risk taking that supports educational advancement in the community.

• Providing leadership to advance the cause of social justice in the community.
The award is presented on a yearly basis at the Center for Mexican American Studies and Research Conference and is selected by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Director of the CSMAR.

Prior Recipients: 2011 – Antonio Rigual, Ph.D.

Sr. Maria “MC” Flores Outstanding Student Scholar Award
Center for Mexican American Studies and Research Scholars Conference (CMASR)

The Sr. Maria “MC” Flores Outstanding Student Scholar Award is a cash prize bestowed upon an undergraduate student of Our Lady of the Lake University for the best paper presented at the annual Mexican American Studies & Research Scholars Conference. OLLU undergraduate students who present at the conference are judged by a panel of academics within and outside the University based on specific criteria.

The Mexican American Studies & Research Conference was first conceived in 2002 by Sr. Maria Eva Flores, CDP, PhD. as an event to showcase undergraduate research at OLLU. While the conference has evolved to include graduate students and academics from outside the university, the conference still showcases undergraduate research and the CMASR created this award in 2011 to recognize undergraduate research excellence.

This award was established for Sr. Maria Eva for her dedication to the discipline of Mexican American studies, her tireless teaching efforts in promoting academic excellence among undergraduates and preparing students to successfully enter graduate studies. Sr. Maria Eva is Professor of History and Mexican American Studies at OLLU and received her PhD in History from Arizona State University. She served as Director of the Center from Mexican American Studies & Research from 2001 – 2010.

For more Information on this award, please contact:

Center for Mexican American Studies and Research (CMASR)
Our Lady of the Lake University
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411 S.W. 24th Street
San Antonio, Texas 78207-4689
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