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Film Submissions
The Center for Mexican American Studies and Research (CMASR) seeks notable short films – ranging from 10-45 minutes – for its Annual Conference. This conference will be held on March 22 – 24, 2012 on the campus of Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas.

The CMASR is committed to showcasing scholarly and creative work which contributes to a deeper understanding of the Mexican American experience. Presenters will address historical and contemporary issues in higher education, culture, and creative expressions relevant to the Mexican American people.

This year, “From Demography to Identity: Who We are in America” sessions will include research, scholarly and creative expressions reflective of a more relevant and visible presence of Mexican Americans in the U.S. The film Festival aims to enhance awareness and exposure to the experiences of both the Mexican American community and/or Mexican American filmmaker to independent cinema, media, and the motion picture industry.

Become a part of CMASR conference and present your short film to an eager audience. Submission of all types of film, both narrative and documentary, is encouraged. Both professional and student films are welcomed and will not directly compete with one another. If accepted, you will be invited to discuss your film.

Finally, there will be a prize competition for 1) Best film overall and 2) Best student film.

Film Submission Guidelines:

Film Submission Fee
  Fee: High School Student ($0); OLLU Student ($0); 
Students ($10); Non-Students ($20)


   Pay by Check
   (Make checks payable to CMASR Conference and Mail to address below)
   Mail Film Submission Fee to: 
   Our Lady of the Lake University, Moye 110
   411 SW 24th Street
   San Antonio, TX 78207 

   Pay Online
  Click here and pay under "Film Festival Submission Fee (for filmmakers submitting works

Submit an application: To submit, you can either:

1) Submit your submission online
2) Create and email a Word/PDF document to RenelindaArana@ollusa.edu

     Please include the following:
  • A. Biography of filmmaker(s) (maximum 100 words)
  • B. Contact information: Email, phone, mailing address
  • C. Length of Film: Ranging from 10-45 minutes
  • D. Title (maximum 50 words)
  • E. Synopsis or overview of film (between 250 words and 500 words) 

Film and video entries can be on DVD, VHS, or Internet. 
 - Submit 3 copies of your film for committee consideration via DVD, VHS or a website link.  
   These copies will not be returned.

The deadline to submit your entry is February 24, 2012.

For questions or submission, please contact: 
Dr. Renelinda Arana 
210-434-6711, Ext. 8151

Address for Film Submission or Film Submission Fee:
Our Lady of the Lake University, Moye Hall 208
411 SW 24th Street
San Antonio, TX 78207


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