Required Documents for International Transfer Students:

1. Application: A completed OLLU application. The name on your application must match your name as it appears in your passport. Apply online at

2. Application Fee: A nonrefundable $50 application fee. 
You may use an international money order, a bank draft or payment on funds drawn on a U.S. bank account. Payment should not be made in currency, and we cannot accept stamps. If these alternatives are difficult, we suggest that you ask a friend or relative living in the U.S. to send the fee for you. Be sure to ask the friend or relative to include your full name with the fee.

Credit Card payment is accepted. Request a Credit Card Authorization Form by email from The completed form can be faxed to 210-431-4013.

3. Official Transcripts and Records: All transfer applicants must have completed a university-preparatory secondary school curriculum and have earned a completion certificate or diploma that leads to university admission in the country where you studied in secondary school. Submit official transcripts from all post-secondary (university and college-level) courses taken.

If you have attended more than one post-secondary college/university, we require an official transcript from each school, including universities attended in the U.S. College work from one institution posted on the transcript of another institution will not be accepted. Transcripts are considered official if they have an original signature of a school official or an original school seal. Accepted signatures include the Registrar, Principal, Controller of Examinations, or The Ministry of Education.

Consolidated transcripts or provisional mark-sheets are not considered official. Please request to the registrar to send individual mark-sheets that list grades earned in each term.

A final official transcript must also be sent upon completion of any courses in progress. Please note that all offers of admission are contingent upon satisfactory completion of any work in progress between the time of the application and the time of enrollment. In the case of specific courses from international schools, applicants may be required to provide course description information, translated into English. Course descriptions may come either from an undergraduate catalog or from course syllabi. Courses must be similar in nature, level, and content to a course in our undergraduate curriculum and applicable to one of our academic programs. Continuing education courses, graduate-level courses, and courses that are remedial, technical, or vocational are not transferable.

If you will have less than 30 US credit hours at the time of your admission, you will also need to submit all official secondary or high school transcripts according to the educational system of your country (generally the last three to four years of secondary education). The final transcript and high school diploma must be included in the required credential evaluation report. See below. If you attended a U.S. high school, credit transferred from foreign high school and listed on the U.S. transcript will be accepted.

Photocopies or other duplications of a transcript, such as notarized, faxed or scanned copies are not considered official. All transcripts submitted to OLLU are to maintain OLLU’s accreditation. The official transcripts will not be returned to the student.

4. English Translations: Applicants from an institution that does not issue a transcript in English must submit the native language transcript with an official English translation. If required, the diploma must also have an English translation. Official translations must be prepared by a recognized translation service and include all original seals and/or signatures.

5. Credential Evaluation Report: At this time OLLU does not evaluate international transcripts. The applicant must submit an official credential evaluation report from an OLLU approved credential service.
A list of the approved credential services is available online. 

The international transfer applicant is required to have a credential evaluation that is a course by course evaluation, which will list all the courses taken and report the grades based on the US 4.0 grading system. The credential evaluation report must state a cumulative grade point average [GPA]. The GPA will be used to determine the amount of the International Merit Scholarship. For a listing of the international merit scholarships, click here.

6. English Proficiency: Our Lady of the Lake University requires a high level of proficiency in English. This requirement will ensure that all students who speak English as a second language are able to participate fully in University life, both in and out of class. The Office of International Admissions will conduct a full file review considering all application materials submitted in application package to make a determination about the student’s level of English proficiency. Students who were born in a native English-speaking country but were educated in a non-native English-speaking country will, however, be required to satisfy the English proficiency requirement.
International applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit proof of English proficiency. The English proficiency can be satisfied by submitting a minimum test score of one of the following:
a. TOEFL score of:
525 for paper-based test (PBT), or
71 internet-based testing (iBT), or
The institutional TOEFL score will not be accepted for degree seeking students.

b. IELTS score of 6.0 overall band
Test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to be considered official. Photocopies or other duplication of scores are not acceptable. The TOEFL score must not be more than two years old. The institutional code for Our Lady of the Lake University for the SAT and TOEFL is 6550, and the ACT code is 4140. There is no institutional code for the IELTS examination. IELTS test scores are verified online.

c. Institutional Michigan Test given by appointment only in the OLLU Assessment Center
For information on alternatives to the TOEFL and waiver of English proficiency, send an email to

All required documents and credentials should be mailed to:
International Admissions
Our Lady of the Lake University
411 S.W. 24th Street
San Antonio, TX 78207

Questions/concerns about the application process, send an email to

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