I. Selection and admission to a study abroad program

1. Start Early.
You should start thinking about study abroad up to a year or more before your actual intended departure, or at the very least, the semester before you go. 
•  Deadlines for applying to Study Abroad: 
    Fall semester and Summer : March 15 
    Spring semester: October 15

2. Gather Information.
• Attend study abroad information sessions
• Browse through the Study Abroad Library in Walter Center 212
• Consult with the Study Abroad Coordinator on Study Abroad Programs
• Visit programs available on section
Study Abroad Options 

3. Meet with the Study Abroad Coordinator.
• Make an appointment to talk to the Study Abroad Coordinator by email, by phone 431-4093, or visiting the Study Abroad Office at Walter Center 212.
• Complete and submit Questionnaire, Study Abroad Application and Release of Information forms to the Study Abroad Office.
•  The study abroad coordinator will help you identify programs suited to your needs and will help you prepare a Budget sheet to take to your financial aid adviser.

4. Meet with your Academic Adviser.
•  See your academic adviser to discuss your academic goals and determine how the program offerings will fit into your degree plan.
•  Complete the Request to take course(s) at another College/University form (Letter of Standing) with your study abroad coordinator, who will be in charge to obtain the approval for your courses abroad from your academic advisors and Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office will make the final decision on the transferability of the courses you select. Please attach course descriptions to the request form.

5. Meet with your financial aid adviser.
Learn and Plan ahead the time how much of your financial aid will be transferable for your Study Abroad Program according to the option that you have selected. OLLU students financial aid will be analyze case by case for your financial aid advisor. If you plan to use financial aid, you should submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) no later than April 1st prior to the semester in which you plan to study abroad. A written contract/agreement, required for the administration of federal financial aid, will be submitted on your behalf to the study abroad office, if applicable.

6. Apply for scholarships.
Some programs offer scholarships to qualified students. Be aware of application deadline for scholarships. Learn about scholarships opportunities on the
Scholarships section.

7. Complete and Submit Program Application.
The program you select will require an application. Usually, students will only need to apply to one program, but you may need to choose a back-up if the program you have selected is particularly competitive. Admissions and applications requirements and application deadlines vary by program. It is your responsibility to complete and submit all application materials in a timely manner.

8. Get a passport.
If you do not have a valid passport, apply for one at least six-month prior to your departure. If you have a valid passport, make sure it will remain valid for at least six months following the end of your Study Abroad Program participation. Passport forms can be downloaded from the U.S. Department of State website along with instructions. After you have filled out the forms, you can take them to local post offices to turn in.

II. Pre-Departure Planning. Things to do after you have been approved by the host university/program

• Purchase flight ticket.
• Obtain visa, tourist card, entry permit, etc., as required. Host programs will provide students studying abroad with information about obtaining visas.
• Leave a Xerox copy of your passport with the Study Abroad Coordinator and another copy with your family.
• Must purchase Health and Incidental Insurance through the Study Abroad Office or provide proof of insurance.
• Must complete all health related forms. Pack a copy of your completed Confidential Health History Form and Authorization for Medical or Surgical Consultation or Treatment so you will have it abroad in the event that you require medical treatment. Leave copies with your family.
• Must provide the Study Abroad Office with your current home address, e-mail address, and phone numbers at all times.
• Must attend Study Abroad pre-departure orientation session. Sign all pertinent Study Abroad Program documents, including the Waiver of Liability and Hold Harms Agreement.
• Make sure you have paid all outstanding OLLU campus fees and fines, and changed your mailing address in all appropriate places.
• Apply for all scholarships, financial aid, etc., for your term or year back at OLLU following your Study Abroad Program.
• Arrange for enrollment materials for term following study abroad program to be sent to your home address, if necessary. Designate someone to act as your proxy for registration, if possible.
• Arrange for someone at home to have your power of attorney.
Have a safe trip!

III. While Abroad
• Attend all orientations.
• Make sure that a transcript listing the courses taken is sent to OLLU.
• Communicate regularly with the international or exchange student advisor of the host institute/university about your needs. If you are staying with a family and the accommodations/environment are not to your satisfaction, let the advisor know. Please remember to be flexible and adaptable. You have gone to the host country to experience their culture and life style, not to impose ours on them.
• Do not forget to take pictures for sharing your experience with OLLU community.
Enjoy this great experience!

IV. Upon your Return
• Visit the Study Abroad Office to meet with the study abroad coordinator and fill out a Study Abroad Satisfaction Survey Form.
Welcome back!

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