The Gentlemen of Omega Delta Phi
About Omega Delta Phi - Fraternity, Inc.
The purpose of this Brotherhood, a Service/Social fraternity dedicated to the needs and concerns of the community, is and shall be to promote and maintain the traditional values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership. This Brotherhood was founded in order to provide, to ANY man, a divers fraternal experience which coincides with a higher education.
Since its beginning in 1987, Omega Delta Phi has been an organization perpetually dedicated to the idea of constant growth and improvement. Therefor, we are always looking for dedicated men who can lead our organization into the future.
Become a Gentleman
 We look for men who have potential to make a difference in their own lives as well as the lives of those in their community. An ODPhi man is a well-rounded individual who can manage the busy life of a college student as well as perform service that benefits our community and our organization. "One Culture Any Race" is the motto we live by, so it does not matter who you are, if you think you have what it takes to become a Man of Vision then by all means check us out.
The men of Omega Delta Phi believe in the concept that in order to truly grow as an individual, one must experience views that challenge preconceived perceptions to foster growth and enlightenment. We are looking for Men of Vision wishing to excel in all facets of their lives.

Brother on the steps of
Moye Hall

 Leave a legacy at OLLU
Founder Class
Victor Del Toro
Jose Camacho Jr.
Jason Cadena
Sammy Lam
Rene Cantu
Guillame Totis
Edward Barceleau
Juan Buitron
Jeffrey Martinez
Fabian Luna
Charter Class
Joel De La Rosa
Victor Ovalle
James J. Hernandez
Jonathan Morales
Lupe Hernandez Jr.
Jesus Barrera
Jose Manuel Marin
Gerardo Villareal
Jason Zerda

Our long term
 Enjoy a different college experience

 A learning lab of life
Omega Delta Phi strongly supports the OLLU Greek community and sees it as a "learning lab of life," which gives students a real-world experience that they can take with them into their professional careers.

Being a memeber of a fraternity
or sorority gives students opportunities to assume different leadership roles, from programming and recruiting to organizational and money management.

The members of fraternities and sororities at OLLU not only make strong friendships, but they also learn how to work with many diverse people toward a common goal - the growth and management of their chapter and living out the OLLU Core Values of:
 "Community, Integrity, Trust and Service"

 A special message from OLLU Colony
 As you settle into school and start to develop interests, you may begin looking into student organizations - one may be ODPhi. This decision deserves input and consideration. The brothers from OLLU Colony hope that this webpage has been and continues to be a valuable tool in learning more about our fraternity. As you discuss participating in a Greek organization, please feel free to contact us at any time with questions and concerns. You can reach us through our social media sites and by visiting our booth at Club Rush - the OLLU Organization Fair - early this semester.

Create bonds that will last a lifetime


Quick Facts
  • Founding Date: November 25, 1987
  • Founding Place: Texas Tech University
  • Mascot: Knight
  • Official Colors: Scarlet and Silver
  • Nicknames: ODP and ODPhi
We're a multicultural service/social fraternity that aims at graduating our members while giving back to our communities.

Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

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Is dedicated to providing shelter and care to the homeless of San Antonio.

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"Be the change you want to see in the world." -Ghandi
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