OLLU offers scholarships specifically for music majors. Incoming freshmen or transfer students are considered for scholarships based on audio or video recordings submitted with the OLLU application for admission. Incoming students must have a departmental audition prior to the beginning of their first semester, at which time students are considered for departmental private lesson accompaniment scholarships.

Scholarship Auditions: First week in March an the second week in April

To schedule an audition, contact Elizabeth Dyer at


Auditions are usually held on two different dates during the fall semester for spring admission, and on two dates during the spring semester for fall admission. These auditions double as both a scholarship and program entrance audition, so students need only audition once. Dates are announced at the beginning of each semester. Students will be notified by email or phone of the time of the audition.

To register for an audition, complete the Audition Request Form.


Each audition is about 15 minutes long and held in front of a panel consisting of one to  three members of the Music faculty. During the audition, keyboard and aural (sight-singing) skills will also be tested.


See the specific audition requirements for each instrument/voice in the Music Major Audition Requirements.

The applicant must bring the complete Audition Form, including a written recommendation from their private instructor or their ensemble director.

The audition panel will ask to hear portions of the works prepared. In addition, in order to provide the best possible guidance, we will also test your keyboard and aural (sight-singing) skills as part of the audition.


Students are required to provide their own accompanists. Students may request an OLLU accompanist (fee of $25.00 per student) when completing the Audition Request Form.


Students are expected to dress formally (men: dress slacks, shirt, tie and dress shoes; women: dress, skirt and conservative blouse, or formal business suit and dress shoes with low to moderate heel).


Students not accepted into the Bachelor of Music program may enroll in Music Minor program. They may repeat the audition in a later semester, with the approval of their private instructor, the Audition Panel, and the Head of the Music Program. Students may not audition for the Bachelor of Music program more than three times.

Note -
Students applying for the Bachelor of Music program must submit an Audition Request Form and complete an Audition Form, including a written recommendation from their private instructor or their ensemble director.

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