Ugly Stick - Canada


Purchased in Newfoundland, 1999

From Graciela's Notes

This is a homemade and special invention of Mr. Wilson Hayward. It is a crude rhythm instrument made of wood, a tin can and metal/aluminum disks. With the wooden scratcher you pull it across the pole and hit it in rhythm. At the same time you keep a different rhythm with the whole stick by hitting it on the floor. Sounds complicated? Well you have to practice to make the two rhythms come together. Mr. Hayward was the fifth member of a group from Bonavista, Newfoundland called The Cape Shore Boys. The group was made up of five middle-aged men. One played the violin, the second member played the guitar, the third played the Musical Spoons, a fourth played his own invention – several blocks placed carefully to make and interesting rhythms instrument and Mr. Hayward played his own invention – the Ugly Stick. They were enjoyable, played and sang quite well and enjoyed doing it. When they performed on the ship for us I asked him if he would sell his instrument to me. He thought about it for a bit and said he would sell it as he had two more at home. We agreed on a price and I got it after the performance. Bought it in the small town (4,500) in Bonavista, Newfoundland. It was one of our stops during a cruise of Atlantic Canada/Canadian Fjords in July 1999.

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