Shawm - Nepal

Purchased in Katmandu, Nepal 1968

From Graciela's Notes

This instrument is a type of oboe that is played in Nepal, Burma and other Southeast Asian countries. It tends to be played only in the presence of local rulers. That may account for the fact that this one is quite ornate. The silver-like bell is decorated with filigreed metal, probably brass, and the tube has various rings that hold a colored stone - each ring separating the fingerholes. The brass mouthpipe is also quite ornate. The mouthpiece has a double reed made from wild grass. The lips are pressed up against the circular pirouette. Then air is blown through the double reed and the melodies are produced. (Similar instruments are found in West Africa – they are called Algaitas). I bought this lovely looking Shawm in Katmandu, Nepal during my Christmas trip through that part of the world in December 1968.

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