Musical Spoons

Purchased in Cape Breton Island, 1999

From Graciela's Notes

Metal Musical Spoons – Two metal soup spoons placed back to back on a wooden handle. The are played by hitting them on any part of  the body – elbows, knees, feet, legs, shoulders, etc. They have a nice clacking sound and add much to the music

Wooden Musical Spoons – The wooden spoons are carved out of one piece of wood the spoons have a small hollowed spot in the center that gives them the sound of Spanish castanets. They are played the same way as the metal spoons – by hitting them on various parts of the body

The spoons were bought at a craft shop in the little French village of Cheticamp along the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Island. We landed in Ingonish, by tender, and drove along the Cabot Trail (seven and a half-hour trip) to Sydney where the ship was docked. Bought July 1999.

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