Membranophone - Conical- Haiti

Purchased in Haiti, 1957

From Graciela's Notes

The drum is made out of a hollowed-out log. It must be carried to play since the bottom of the drum is hollow so must be kept above ground to get the full sound. All sizes of drums are used in the native dances of the island. However, they are especially important during the OCCULT RITUALS that lead to "possession" during their dances to the "vodou" (voodoo) gods. As the dance progresses and the dancers enter into trances the drums beat louder and louder. (While in Haiti I attended a voodoo ceremony that was partially open to a few people. Our guide got special permission for the four of us – Marcia, Yvonne, Pat and me – to attend. Quite an experience.) I bought the drum in Haiti while we were on a trip through various islands of the Caribbean Sea during our Christmas break in December 1957. We had traveled there while working in Tia Juana, Venezuela for Creole Petroleum.

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