Kalimba and Mbira

Purchased in Nairobi, Kenya, 1964

From Graciela's Notes

Mbira – It is also known as a kalimba. It is found in many parts of Africa and is a lamellaphone: an instrument whose sound is produced by the vibration of thin tongues, or llamellas. So, when plucked with the thumbs each lamella produces a mellow, twanging sound. It is used in many contexts: for solos, vocal accompaniments, small groups and in religious ceremonies. I bought it in Nairobi, Kenya during an African Safari trip during Christmas 1964.

Purchased in Tanganika, Tanzania, 1964

From Graciela's Notes

African Boxed Kalimba – This instrument is like the Mbira except that it is boxed and gives a bit of different sound – more resonance. Bought in Tanganika in January 1964.

Kalimba, Ethiopian rattle, mbira

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