Fabiol and Sicilian Flute

Sicilian flute (left), purchased in Taormina, Sicily, 1965

Fabiol (right) purchased in Mallorca, 1969

From Graciela's Notes

Fabiol - This flute is typical of the Islas Baleares in the Mediterranean Sea. These islands are a part of Spain. The flute is used to accompany other instruments- such as various types of guitars, a drum and some rhythm instruments- in the colorful island folk dances. The main islands of Las Islas Baleares are Ibiza, Menorca and the large island of Mallorca. I bought the Fabiol in Mallorca during a lovely trip there, to visit with friends from Germany, in May 1969. They treated me to a grand evening of folk dances, heard the "flute" being played and knew I had to have one.

Sicilian flute - This hand painted bamboo flute is typical of the Sicilian countryside. It is painted with typical scenes of the countryside. It has six holes in the front and two in the back (one for each thumb). These back holes make the changes in the pitch. I bought it in Taormina, Sicilly during Easter 1965. It is a lovely island and Taormina has much to see-among its attractions is a Roman Theater.

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