Flute - Nose

Long nose flute, (horizontal), purchased in Istanbul, Turkey, 1961

From Graciela's Notes

This nose flute is one of many types of flutes. Any pipe with finger holes and a blown end or hole can be called a flute. There are transverse, or side-blown, flutes and vertical flutes. There are some pipes and flutes that can be blown with the nose as well as the mouth. So, a family of wind instruments blown with nasal rather than oral breath or can be blown in both ways are called nose flutes. Materials vary widely. To play the instrument the player blows with one nostril, blocking the other with his hand or with tobacco. Some nose flutes have a blowhole at each end. Nose flutes can be found on all continents but are very common in the Pacific area, notably Melanesia and Polynesia. They are rarely found in Europe. However, this one is from Turkey. I bought it in Istanbul, Turkey during a Christmas trip in December 1961.

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