Purchased in Madrid, Spain around 1980

From Graciela's Notes

The bandurria is a flat-backed member of the lute family from Spain.  It has six pairs of steel or gut strings and a fretted short neck.  It is played in tremolo style with a plectrum.  The bandurria is similar to the mandolin.  It is pear-shaped but, unlike the mandolin, has a flat-back.  The Latin American bandola is a relative of the Spanish bandurria.  It is pear-shaped or teardrop shaped but has a concave back.  The use of the bandurria is very popular with guitars in groups to accompany singers.  Several bandurrias are used with the student groups of musicians called tunas.  These groups play in restaurants and roam the streets around the plazas in Spain to serenade tourists and anyone who cares to listen.  It is nice music.  I bought the bandurria in Madrid, Spain around 1980 - I lived in Madrid from 1967 through 1991.

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