Post-Baccalaureate Leveling Program

Post-baccalaureate Leveling Program in Communication Disorders

Students who already posses a bachelor's degree in another field and wish to enter the CDIS master's degree program will not be admitted to that program without first completing prerequisite undergraduate courses. Nine UG classes totaling 30 hours are offered every year. Full-time students may take all required courses in two long semesters or if part-time complete the leveling program over 2 years. Admission to the Leveling Program is separate from application for master's degree admission and graduate admission is not guaranteed by admission to the leveling program. Application for admission to the Leveling Program is made through the Graduate Admissions Office. Application for the Graduate Program is made through CSDCAS, an online application service. Please refer to the MA-Communication Disorders Admission Requirements page online for more information.

Admission Deadline

Deadline for submitting a completed application to the leveling program in communication disorders: April 1

Academic Requirements

Students will take the following courses and to stay in the leveling program must maintain a 3.0 GPA in all coursework:

Fall Semester:
  • CDIS 2400 (incl. 1 hr. lab) Introduction to Communication Disorders (4 credits)
  • CDIS 3362 Introduction to Audiology (3 credits)
  • CDIS 3412 (incl. 1 hr. lab) Introduction to Phonetics and Phonemics (4 credits)
  • CDIS 4315 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of Speech and Language (3 credits)
  • CDIS 4351 Language disorders in children
Spring Semester:
  • CDIS 3311 Normal Language Development (3 credits)
  • CDIS 3343 Articulation and Phonological Disorders (3 credits)
  • CDIS 4340 Aural Rehabilitation (3 credits)
  • CDIS 4411 (incl. 1 hr. lab) Anatomy and Physiology of Speech (4 credits)
  • CDIS 5360 Speech and Hearing Science (3 credits)

Additional requirement:

A statistics course (equivalent to PSYC 3381) is needed prior to enrolling in the graduate research course CDIS 7353 and statistics may also be required for other graduate programs.

Procedure for applying to the CDIS leveling program:
Each candidate for admission must submit an application to the OLLU admissions office as follows:

  1. Apply for admission as a post-baccalaureate student.
  2. Submit official transcripts from all post secondary institutions attended.
  3. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in their first degree.
  4. Complete one course in biology, mathematics (algebra), and physical science (physics, chemistry, physical science, earth science or astronomy) and have six semesters hours in social or behavioral science).
  5. Provide a one-page, typed vita highlighting training and experiences that have influenced applicant’s interest in speech-language pathology.

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