NIETP Supporting Documentation

This page provides additional evidence for evaluation of the Center for Information Assurance Management & Leadership's application for re-designation as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education.

[12] CISS 3342 Computer Forensics & Investigations Syllabus

[13] CISS 3361 Information Assurance Principles Syllabus

[14] CISS Department Undergraduate Learning Outcomes & Assessment Plan

[15] CISS Department Graduate Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment Plan

[16] Faculty CV, Mr. Ted Ahlberg

[17] Faculty CV, Mr. Ernesto Ballesteros

[18] Faculty CV, Mr. Kevin Barton

[19] Faculty CV, Dr. Jesus Carmona

       Adjunct Faculty CV, Mr. Mark Douglas

       Adjunct Faculty CV, Dr. Greg Lee

[20] Faculty CV, Dr. Derek Mohammed

[21] Cyber Research Consortium Briefing

[22] Graduate Enrollment History