Center for Information Assurance

OLLU's Center for Information Assurance Management and Leadership (CIAML) provides a repository of tools, policies and procedures that businesses and nonprofit organizations can use to enhance or create information assurance (IA) programs. Of particular interest is providing resources to organizations that have information to protect, but due to size or personnel limitations do not have the expertise to manage an IA program. This center is also useful to organizations with IA expertise by providing research on IA management and implementation to improve effectiveness of an IA program.

The center offers the following support to small businesses:
  • IA Risk Management
  • IA Policy and Procedures
  • Employee/User Awareness and Training
  • Information System Certification and Accreditation
  • Contingency Planning


The following represent the types of events hosted by the CIAML:
  • CISSP Pre-Examination Study Class - The CIAML has offered a Certified Information Systems and Security Professional pre-examination study class. 
  • National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition - OLLU faculty assisted during the 2009 National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. 
  • San Antonio Cyber Consortium - The CIAML is a founding member of San Antonio's Cyber Consortium. The consortium provides a research and education arm for information security. The CIAML participates in consortium events, such as briefing senior government leaders on San Antonio's cyber capabilities and cyber planning.
  • Stop.Think.Connect - The Department of Homeland Securing is teaching and promoting cyber safety through their Stop.Think.Connect Campaign. OLLU and the CIAML have hosted a Stop.Think.Connect event.
  • Cyber Security for Business Leaders - OLLU and the CIAML have hosted cyber security training targeted to business leaders. Experts from several local agencies and organizations presented on practical steps businesses should take to identify the business value of their information assets, recognize current threats, understand policy, and plan for contingencies.
  • Linux Security Boot Camp - The CISS department and the CIAML hosted a Linux Boot Camp to assist local high school teams preparing for the Cyber Patriot Challenge. The boot camp instructed students on installing, operating, configuring, and securing Fedora Core and Ubuntu Linux distributions. 
  • Protecting Information Systems in Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses - The CIAML and Delta Risk presented a four-part series on protecting information systems in small and medium sized businesses. The seminars were targeted to business leaders rather than information technology professionals, and were specifically intended to educate business leader on their critical role in protecting business processes by protecting information systems. 

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