Message from the SBL Dean

The School of Business and Leadership provides a person-centered learning environment for innovative business education and community outreach that fosters the professional, personal and intellectual development of our students.

Businesses at all levels require leaders to effect change and actively participate in the rapidly expanding world of global commerce. The School of Business and Leadership prepares students with the requisite skills that are applicable across various business sectors, while building on the knowledge and experiences that they bring to the classroom. Moreover, businesses demand a cadre of managers that are comfortable with technology and capable of engaging in integrated decision-making across disciplines, and in partnership with public and private sector organizations. Of the many strengths of our curriculum is its emphasis on developing the business and leadership skills that are most aligned with market needs.

Our academic programs provide students with state of the art educational experiences. Our dedicated faculty, rigorously designed curriculum, and emphasis on student learning outcomes provide students with the individualized attention they deserve. In addition, our internship opportunities, community outreach and international study tours provide students with an optimal balance between theory and practice.

The School of Business and Leadership is noted for its personal, practical and progressive approach to business education. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in achieving your academic and professional aspirations.


Dwayne A. Banks, PhD
Dean, School of Business and Leadership