Campus Technology


OLLU may be an historic campus, but that doesn’t mean it’s old fashioned. Our campus is a mix of graceful neo-Gothic buildings and sophisticated technology, creating a learning environment that is as efficient as it is inspiring.

OLLU is wireless. If you have a laptop, this means you can study almost anywhere on campus. You’ll find high-speed Internet access in the residence halls, smart classrooms and online classes. We also have 13 computer labs scattered campus wide, so you can finish papers and conduct research easily and conveniently. Plus, we’ve automated many tasks such as registration and bill payment, making it possible for you to conduct the “business of college” online.

And in case you run into a computer glitch or two, our user support
staff are available to answer questions and get you back on the road
to learning.  Our Instructional and Technology Services (ITS) 
department is responsible for making the best use of technologies for
learning, teaching, research and administration.  Visit the ITS website 
via the links below for more information on a variety of services.

E-mail Services
Wireless Network Information
Security Awareness Resources