Student Employment


The Student Employment Office (SEO) is available to assist students with identifying part-time employment on and off campus.The Student
Employment Office does not place students in positions, rather it refers students to potential places of employment. 

There are various reasons students seek employment while enrolled full-time in college. Student Employment provides students with an opportunity to generate a source of income while ensuring that students maintain a "school-first" attitude. This income can then be used to assist with financing their education. Student Employment also opens doors to work experiences and professional development that will prepare the student in future professional endeavors. 

Positions available may include: general office assistants, accounting clerks, biology lab assistants, public relations specialists, library aids, buyer and merchandiser clerks, computer lab assistants, research assistants, web designer and postal assistants. Students may view available positions listed under Job Opportunities.

Part-time positions on and off campus are open to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students. This translates to an undergraduate student being enrolled 12 hours or more and a graduate student being enrolled 6 hours or more during the semester in which employment is obtained. 

The Student Employment Office here at Our Lady of the Lake University aims to provide an opportunity for students to develop professionally and grow to become career-ready individuals.

For additional information you may contact: 

Myra Martinez, Assistant Director of Financial Aid for Student Employment
Phone: 210-434-6711 Ext. 2701

Office Hours

Fall and Spring - Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Holiday and Special hours - Will be posted as needed