Course Sequence


50 hour Master's:
  • 37 hours required coursework; 13 credits in practicum
  • 400 clock hours practicum (min. 325 graduate hours)
  • Pass the Comprehensive Examination in Speech-Language Pathology (PRAXIS)
  • ASHA and OLLU practicum requirements

1ST Summer Semester (Optional)

CDIS 6251   Selected Topics in Communication Disorders (Ex: Advanced Articulation Disorders, Advanced Language & Literacy)*
CDIS 6242   Fluency Disorders

 1st Fall Semester

CDIS 6365      Clinical Practicum:  Methods and Policies I
CDIS 6353      Neurogenic Language Disorders
CDIS 6356      Language Disorders in Preschool Children (Must be taken in first semester)
CDIS 7371      Advanced Assessment Procedures in CDIS

 1st Spring Semester

CDIS 6366      Clinical Methods: Policies & Procedures II
CDIS 6357      Language Disorders in School-Aged Individuals
CDIS 7312      Voice/Speech Disorders
CDIS 7335      Motor Speech Disorders
CDIS 6351      Selected Topics (Ex: SLP in NICU)

2nd Summer Session

 Summer Session I

CDIS 6251      Selected Topics in Communication Disorders (Ex: Advanced Articuation Disorders, Advanced Language & Literacy)*
CDIS 6242      Fluency Disorders (If not taken during first summer)
CDIS 6167      Advanced Clinical Methods: Policies & Procedures

 Summer Session II

CDIS 6151      Selected Topics in Communication Disorders(Ex: Cognitive Rehabilitation; PRAXIS Review)*
CDIS 6354      Dysphagia

 2nd Fall Semester

CDIS 6258      Language in Discourse
CDIS 7213      Augmentative Communications
CDIS 7353      Research and Efficacy (Prerequisite: Statistics)
CDIS 6351      Selected Topics (Ex: Pediatric Swallowing)
CDIS 7377      Field Experience in Child Settings
CDIS 7379      Field Experience in Adult Settings

 2nd Spring Semester

CDIS 8202      Communication Disorders in Different Cultures
CDIS 8340      Cleft Palate
CDIS 7379      Field Experience in Adult Settings
CDIS 7377      Field Experience in Child Settings
CDIS 6351      Selected Topics (Ex: Pediatric Swallowing)

*Note: Credits from the bilingual/bicultural certificate courses count towards the required two selected topics credits; OLLU catalog course listings may differ from above as the catalog is revised every two years.

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