Multidisciplinary Studies Course Descriptions


PSYC 2351- Social Psychology 
The influence of the presence of others on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Include theories of attraction, aggression, conformity, and pro-social behavior.

PSYC 5385- Industrial and Organizational Psychology 
Introduces application of scientific methods, theory and psychological principles in business and industry. Topics include motivation, job satisfaction, leadership and communication theory, organizational structure, performance appraisal, personnel testing and selection, training, workplace design, and work environment. 

SOCI 4315- Class, Race and Gender 
Analysis of the impact of class, race and gender on community life. Attention to the historical and contemporary production of inequality through the construction and operation of stratification structures. Overview of class, race and gender privilege and advantage. 

SOCI 3311- Sociological Statistics
Essentials of basic statistical procedures used to describe, summarize and analyze sociological data. 

COMM 2301- Introduction to Mass Media 
History and process of mass communication; types of print and non-print media (including newspapers, magazines, books, cinema, radio, television); impact and control; media support systems (including advertising, public relations, news industry, music industry, auxiliary services); technological advances and future prospects

ENGL 3314- Technical and Professional Writing
Study of principles and practice of technical and professional writing. Includes emphasis on audience analysis, ethical and legal considerations, document design, electronic resources and delivery systems, and drafting of specific applications such as reports, proposals, instructions and technical description. May include service-learning component. 

COMM 3360- Public Relations 
Introduction to the practice of public relations in the U.S., with discussion of its major theories and related ethical principles. Includes impact of new technologies and social media. 

COMM 4302- Event Planning and Management 
Techniques for strategic planning, development, management, and evaluation of public relations events; principles and theories of written, spoken, and visual tactics as applied to behavioral and attitudinal public relations objectives. 

COMM 4370- Special Topics in Communication Arts 
In-depth study of specialized topic chosen by instructor. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. 

MGMT 3350- Principles of Management 
An introduction to the environment and management of today's organizations. Overview of management functions, theory, organizational development and operational effectiveness. Emphasis on individual and team behavior, managerial decision-making and communication, social responsibility and ethical professional conduct. 

BADM 3362- Legal Concepts of Business 
Legal and ethical framework in which business operates including the nature and source of law, the role of law in society, the court system, regulatory law, the trial process and its alternatives, torts, contract law, sales, commercial paper, products liability, Uniform Commercial Code and international law. 

MGMT 3352- Organizational Behavior 
Analysis of individuals, group and organization-level behavior as factors in organizational productivity. Emphasis on fundamental concepts crucial to effective utilization of human resources, including human learning, motivation, attitudes, communication, perception, cultural diversity and change. 

MKTG 3331- Principles of Marketing 
Analysis, organization, planning and controlling of the firm’s customer-impringing resources, policies, and activities with a view of satisfying the needs and wants of chosen customer groups at a profit.