Theme 2: To Graduate


  1. Increase student persistence to graduation
  2. Provide real-world learning experiences inside and outside the classroom to prepare students to make timely career choices
  3. Graduate traditional undergraduates and transfer students on time
  4. Inspire knowledge, expertise and confidence in our students to promote post-graduate success
  5. Prepare graduates to work in a multicultural and global workforce

  1. Freshman retention rate (fall to fall)
  2. Percent of graduates completing internships and practica
  3. Percent of students graduating within
    • Undergraduate students 6 years
    • Masters students 5 years
    • Doctoral students 7 years
  4. Percent of respondents indicating employment or being enrolled in advanced educational programs after one year
  5. Percent of graduates being able to work in a Global Workforce

  1. 80% Freshman to Sophomore (fall to fall) retention
  2. 50% of undergraduate students will participate in service learning or other form of experiential learning such as internship, practica or service learning
  3. 50% of undergraduates will complete in 5 years or less; 85% on Masters will complete within 5 years or less; 80% of doctoral students will complete in 7 years or less
  4. 85% of responding traditional undergraduates will have jobs or be enrolled in advanced educational programs within one year of graduation
  5. 50% of all graduates will score 3 or higher on the AACU rubric for Intercultural Knowledge and Competence