Theme 3: To Lead


  1. Be a university that lives the core values of community, integrity, trust and service.
  2. Create an environment that promotes and sustains personal, professional and organizational development.
  3. Empower the campus community to be innovative and entrepreneurial; recognize and reward such behavior.
  4. Impact higher education nationally.
  5. Inspire students to examine the place of faith in their lives.


  1. Incorporation of core values assessment in the employee professional evaluation process.
  2. Faculty and staff participation with development training.
  3. Annual reports on new, innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives.
  4. Regional and national awards for programs, presentations and publications.
  5. A plan from the Learning and Organization Committee that creates an Innovation Advocacy Team to consider proposals for innovation.
  6. At the conclusion of all Mission and Ministry events, participants will be surveyed regarding whether the event encouraged them to examine the place of faith in their lives.

  1. Positive trending in tracking personal and professional development.
  2. Strong and favorable relationship between innovative initiatives and institutional effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. Positive trending in regional and national recognition.
  4. A continual increase in positive responses towards individuals’ examination of their faith.