Fleming Endowed Award

The Francine Fleming Award for Teaching Excellence recognizes faculty members who have represented, in their service to Our Lady of the Lake University and its students, the highest standards of instructional and professional behavior. The recipients are nominated by their peers to receive the award.

Leah Larson, PhD, English
2013 Monte R. Bobele, PhD, Psychology
2012 Sister Margit Nagy, CDP, PhD, History
2011 Maribel Larraga, PhD, Spanish
2010  Joan Biever, PhD, Psychology
2009 Jane Grovijahn, PhD, Religious Studies
2008 Regina Cusack, JD, PhD, Psychology
2007 Julia Eyer, PhD, Communication and Learning Disorders
2006 Robert Gibbons, PhD, English
2005 Catherine Rainwater, PhD, Biology
2004 Yvette Benavides, MA, English
2003 Carol Jeffries, PhD, Computer Information Systems
2002 Howard Benoist, PhD, English
2001 Kathryn B. Anderson, PhD, Psychology
2000 Antonio R. Rigual, PhD, Spanish
1999 Sister Ann Petrus, CDP, PhD, Mathematics
1998 Cora C. Le-Doux, PhD, Social Work
1997  Glen T. Gardner, PhD, Psychology
1996 Ric Slocum, MA, Speech and Drama
1995  James S. Hall, PhD, Biology
1994 Dorcas Mladenka, MBA, Business Administration
1993  Mary Francine Danis, PhD, English
1992 F. Warren Villaescusa, PhD, Chemistry
1991 Sister  Marilyn Molloy, CDP, PhD, Mathematics
1990 Albert J. Griffith, PhD, English
1989 Thomas W. Keyes, Philosophy
1988 Micheleen Barragy, PhD, Psychology
1987 Sister  Frances J. Woods, Sociology 

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