Moody Professor Award

The Moody Foundation Professor award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the academic programs of Our Lady of the Lake University through teaching and outstanding faculty leadership.

Jane Grovijahn, PhD, Religious Studies
2013-2014 Mark Green, PhD, Leadership Studies
2012-2013 Ezequiel Peña, PhD, Psychology
2011-2012 Mary Ann Acevedo, PhD, Communication Disorders
2010-2011 Thomas Gadsden, EdD, Center for Science & Math Education
2009-2010 Carol Jeffries-Horner, PhD, Electronic Commerce/Information Systems
2008-2009 Loranel Graham, PhD, Psychology
2007-2008 Julia Eyer, PhD, Communication and Learning Disorders
2006-2007 Maribel Larraga, PhD, Spanish
2005-2006 Kenneth Stephen Blanchard, PhD, Sociology 
2004-2005 Monte Bobele, PhD, Psychology
2003-2004 Charles Smith, PhD, Chemistry 
2002-2003 Jorge M. Valadez, PhD, Philosophy 
2001-2002 Sr. Maria Carolina Flores, CDP, PhD, History
2000-2001 Bernardino Verastique, ThD, Religious Studies
1999-2000 Catherine Rainwater, PhD, Biology 

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