Congregation of Divine Providence (CDP) and OLLU reaffirmed their relationship by developing a formal sponsorship document that was adopted in 2009:

The relationship between the Congregation of Divine Providence and OLLU is a covenant of mutual commitment to shared values, vision, and mission. Founders and sponsored institution bind themselves in this covenant to grow in understanding and practice of the values of justice, peace, service, inclusiveness, excellence in the Catholic intellectual tradition, and reliance on Providence. In this covenant we seek to inspire and challenge each other to respond to the gifts of Providence manifest in the lives and actions of the members of the CDP and OLLU communities. In order to foster one committed community and strengthen the relationship:

  • The Congregation commits to naming a member of the CDP General Council to serve as liaison for sponsorship.
  • The University commits to sustaining an Office for Mission and Ministry, whose director will be a vice president reporting directly to the President of the University. 
  • The University and the Congregation commit to establishing a Mission Council whose purpose is to provide direction and support to the Office of Mission and Ministry. The membership of this Council will include the President of the University, the Vice President for Mission and Ministry, the Superior General of the CDP and the CDP liaison for sponsorship.
  • The role of the Vice President for Mission and Ministry will be to develop and evaluate programs and activities that assist the University in expressing its understanding, growth and commitment to the covenant established in this relationship.
  • The role of the CDP liaison will be to serve as a resource and consultant to the Vice President for Mission and Ministry who will be directly responsible for designing, facilitating and resourcing sponsorship activities throughout the University community, including a strong orientation program for new employees and new students, and opportunities for interaction between the Sisters and members of the OLLU Community.