Security Awareness



Information Security Awareness Policy                          

 Protect Your Computer

Computer Updates | Spyware | Attack Resistant Computer | Web Browser Security | Forged Email | Desktop Security for Your Office or ResHall | Viruses, Worms and Malware

Protect your data 

Backups | Email | Secure web transactions

Protect yourself 

Passwords | Identity theft | Spam | Scams | File Sharing | Copyright |

Plagiarism Tutorial

Protect your community 

Acceptable Use | CopyrightSecurity Links for Programmers

Security Incident Report 

Interpretting Email Headers | Computer Fraud and Abuse | Report an Incident


If you have other questions or concerns about Information Security at OLLU, please contact:

Dave Lytle

Info Security Coordinator

SMH 112B

Ext. 3943


[Credits:  University of Rochester, InfoSec Office, for much of layout and content of these pages]