First-Year Connection


Exciting. Unnerving. Motivating. And frightening. These are just a few of the things you might be feeling as you think about OLLU—Day One.

Relax. We know it’s intimidating to begin college. So we developed a First-Year Connection program that will all but eliminate the college fear factor.

You’ll begin by attending one of our LAKE Days which begin in April.  LAKE Days give you a chance to meet other freshmen, register and become familiar with campus.

Right before classes start, you’ll participate in Lake Orientation. This is your official introduction to all things OLLU. During Right Foot Week, you will receive your official welcome during the Providence Assembly, a traditional academic ceremony wherein the campus gathers to greet new members. We also have plenty of ice-breaker events planned, so chances are you’ll have friends before classes ever begin.

Once classes begin, your Apps class will help you put your first-year experience into complete perspective. This one-credit course, taught by your freshman advisor, meets once a week and will introduce you to college-level academics and important campus services. On top of that, we will ask you to set some goals and develop strategies so you can begin university life with a plan. (Yes, your goals will probably change. But you’ll complete Apps with a portfolio of ideas you can revisit and revise throughout your college career.)

Apps will also help you find your group, the people with whom you really resonate. Because this class is tied to English Composition, you’ll see your classmates a lot. As you learn new concepts and tackle writing assignments, you’ll bond naturally, sharing ideas and academic triumphs and friendships that will support you throughout your years at OLLU.